This website is constructed for the purpose of improving the lives of men and boys. At the center of this goal is the phenomenon of men's groups. This men's group phenomenon is comprised of different men's groups and men's sheds that have emerged 'organically' over the last few years, 'sprouting' independently from each each other and emerging throughout the island. As such they are termed here 'grassroots' men's groups.
Although the groups differ in many respects their core features are similar and in many cases, identical. One of the most important of these shared features is how group meetings and events are shaped by the particular men who turn up at them on particular days and evenings.
Therefore, flexibility, evolution and spontaniety are intergral to men's groups, a fact that makes it difficult to offer a precise description of groups and their meetings. However, for the sake of giving those who might be interested some idea of what they consist of - and what they provide - some information about individual groups is provided through the links below and information on upcoming men's group meetings and events, is provided on this site's 'Meetings and Events' page. For more general information - or specific details not available through this site - contact