In terms of the 'construction' metaphor, 'initial groundwork', the selection of appropriate 'blueprints' and the enactment of these blueprints, resulted in the construction of a research study, or - continuing with our metaphor - the building of a research edifice. The completed study is re-presented by the construction below

The study - and figure above - consists of a number of seperate but connected elements that combine to form a coherent whole. In line with the 'organic' conceptualisation of the study, these elements should be understood to have a 'bottom - up' and 'grounded' orientation'. As such the evolution of research elements - displayed and accessible below - are in the following sequence:
  1. The Participants
  2. The 'Foundation'
  3. Cone 1
  4. Cone 2
  5. The Connection between Cone 1 & Cone 2

Finally, this research is substantial: it is more than the 'sum of its parts'. This 'gestaltian perspective will be discussed more fully HERE