The 'organic' or ever evolving nature of this research, applies to this website also. It also applies to the construction and photography of the 'research product' or edifice. Thus the photo above, should have far more figures representing the participants than the four it currently does have but for resource reasons (time and money) - and a not insignificant concern for young children's teeth (cryptic, I know!) - this was not possible at the present time. In due course and as this site is updated, this omission will be rectified.

To date, 583 men are conceptualised as having contributed to this research in some way. These are men from 19 men's groups, men's sheds and men's organisations and also men that contributed through a range of men's meetings, conferences and workshops. Of this total however, 27* men from five distinct men's groups are currently understood to be the study's core research participants and therefore, ideally, there should be 27 figures in the photo above.

In line with the study's blueprints, participants were selected as the study evolved and 'took shape'. In other words, participants were 'theoretically' selected on the basis of concepts and ideas that 'emerged' or became relevant as the study itself evolved. This meant that the research - and the selection of participants - went through a number of reasonably discreet stages. These stages are outlined and described below:

As evidenced above, to date 27 men from 5 men's group took part in this research, (Group A, n=6; Group B, n=4; Group C, n=4; Group D n=7; Group E, n=5 ), as did one additional man who was not a member of these groups (the inclusion of this man will be explained in due course). Consequently these 27 participants can be understood as the core research participants on which the research edifice is based. As mentioned above, many other men also contributed to the construction of this research but their contribution should be understood as an indirect one - buttressing the contribution of core participants - rather than one impacting on or 'shaping' the study directly.

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