Fir Le Chéile is a men's group that meets on the last Tuesday of each month in the Latern Centre, 17 Synge Street, Dublin 8. It is facilitated by two very experienced men, Sé Franklin and Declan Hammond. Fir Le Chéile meetings average around 8-10 men and include some gentle shamanic rituals. However, like all other groups featured on this site, the centrepiece of meetings are the contributions of the men who turn up on particular nights. Here men sit in a cirle and have the opportunity to express what's on their mind or what's going on in their life. Alternatively you can just sit and listen. Similar to the other groups, no one comments on or judges anothers contribution.

A donation of 12 Euro is requested

Occassionally Fir Le Chéile host other 'male' events and details of these, along with details of regular meetings are available on the Meetings & Events page of this site.