The ManKind Project (MKP) is something that started out in America and spread to the UK and beyond. Here in Ireland, the MKP are men's groups that operate and meet regularly in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Belfast. MKP also hold regular 'initiation' weekends usually held in Townley Hall, just outside Drogheda.

As is the way with men's groups, how they operate is determined - or at least coloured - by the men that turn up at particular meetings and events. Therefore, only having experience of the Dublin group, the following is a description of how that group generally tends to operate (from my perspective at least!). For details of the other groups, you will need to contact them directly through details provided on the 'Meetings and Events' page of this site or the accompanying 'Men's Groups of Ireland' Facebook page.

The Dublin MKP group is an 'open' one, meaning that any man can attend unannounced. The group format is that men sit in a circle and the meetings are facilitated by ordinary but experienced MKP members - who participate as much as the other men. Average attendance is in the 6-10 range. The idea of 'manhood' being a real and meaningful concept - embedded in both the 'natural' and contemporary world - is something at the centre of meetings. These meetings consist of exercises which tend to prompt men to get in touch with various emotions or blocks in their life as well as providing a 'space' to speak about whatever is on your mind. Exercises are introduced and carried out in a gentle and thoughtful manner and are completely voluntary. MKP weekend events are designed to build and expand upon this group.

See the Meetings & Events Page of this Site for details of upcoming MKP meetings and events or contact 0872238470 or email:

MKP Dublin meetings take place at 24 Merchants Quay (Directly opposite the Four Courts) and a donation of 5 Euro is requested if you have it